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Gearing up to make a major splash in the electronic music scene is producer/composer Tatono. The Bend, Oregon-based artist finds boundless inspiration in the beautiful nature that surrounds him, making his music the ultimate escape. Expertly produced electronic sounds bring his ambient and tropical ideas alive.


Tatono’s journey with music began at the young age of 17, when he played drums in high school garage bands. Since then, he’s gone from self-proclaimed band geek to a talented producer who finds himself inspired by the likes of Moby and Thievery Corporation. His travel-inspired music is created while he explores the world himself, before he incorporates his own filming for breathtaking self-composed videos.


The impressive producer’s music has been featured across many travel shows and on highly acclaimed YouTube channels. Tatono’s 2017 album, 'Wanderlust,’ entered the Top 100 Worldwide iTunes Electronic charts, and all eyes continue to be on his effortlessly stunning creations as he continues to travel the world and enhance his sound even further.

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